Where to destroy all types of cactus plants in Fortnite?

Where to destroy all different types of cactus plants in Fortnite?

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Where to destroy all different types of cactus plants in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 & want to know where to find Fortnite Cactus plants? So, guys welcome to the new post on www.fortnitememes.com

Players within Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 can play hundreds of matches without realizing there are multiple types of cactus plants in the game. As expected, you can find a majority of these throughout the desert areas in the bottom corners of the map, but there is one spot where you can find all of these.

For challenges like Week 8‘s quest of destroying different types of cacti, you’ll need to find all three types of this plant.

But, considering how small these are, it may take multiple games to find. To beat quests like this in just seconds, we recommend players head northwest of Condo Canyon. There will be a small garden of cacti cornered by a group of hills (as marked below).

cactus plants in Fortnite
Screenshot by Gamepur

From there, you will spot a bevy of the standard green cacti, but also its blue, taller variant and the round type of cacti that appear almost like pumpkins.

Once one of each type is crushed to bits, the game should check off the challenge and handsomely reward you with 25,000 XP. With this quest done, players may desire to move onto other new tasks Week 8 has delivered, like finding and using a pizza party item.

Destroy Different Types of Cactus Plants Locations

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