How to Get FREE XP in Fortnite Season 8 | 10x Level Up Fast

How To Get Free XP In Fortnite Season 8 – Best Trick To Level Up

get free xp in fortnite
Written by Dhoom Strikas

Get Free XP In Fortnite Season 8: Playing Fortnite is fun but it hits you hard when you see someone more pro than you, someone who has more XP than you, tease you, and many more I think it no need to explain to a Fortnite player how important XP is, But don’t worry we are having some glitches for you which will increase you XP and chill no additional apps are required for these glitches.

Fortnite XP Glitch Map Codes

As chapter 2 of Season 8 is about to come, Fortnite players are doing whatever is possible to increase their XP, don’t worry we are here, we are having code of some map with glitches at particular places. We will instruct you all on how to trigger those glitches which will increase your XP.

So code that you can use to increase your XP in chapter 2 season 8 is 7882-5895-5239. You all must be thinking code is this, but how to trigger that increasing XP in Fortnite is not that easy so wait we are having more codes coming with the procedure to trigger those glitches.

Get Free XP In Fortnite

How To Get Free XP In Fortnite Season 8

To get free XP in the creative mode of Fortnite you have to do a lot of hard work, it is also too much tough to do but don’t worry we will guide you and will get free XP from creative mode.

  • First, you have to load into creative mode Fortnite, then you have to go to the portals near the ridge and then choose the middle portal(the rest of the portal will not work) then put in code 9387-1654-4858.
  • After going in-game, set a marker there and go back to your hub and head back to your own portal, To create your own grid.
  • Head to the closest corner to the marker and set a player spawner there and place a pyramid on its top.
  • Go to the corner and get 3 rift fishes,1 shadow flopper, and 1 crash pad.
  • Drop all things out of the barrier 
  • Now you have to start the game and quickly end the game
  • After returning to the grid collect all the items you dropped.
  • Use 1 rift to go faster toward the marker.
  • Go close to the barrier but don’t go inside that, drop all items inside the barrier.
  • After going in, collect all the items after this rift to the pink box.
  • Use a shadow flopper and phase inside the box and drop all the items again.
  • Start the game and collect all the items, then a wall of fame will appear toward you after that rift to another pink box.
  • Use a shadow flopper to go inside that box. After going inside that box you have to place a bounce pad on the block just next to where you will spawn.
  • Now enjoy the jumping jack and use code memi to support the finder of this glitch.

How To Get Free XP In Fortnite

So we are having some basic things for you by which you can earn XP easily in Fortnite 2021. First, we all know that our level increases fastly when we play in Creative Farm, so let’s start our list with Creative Farm.

1. Creative Mode:-

As we all get XP in the creative mode of Fortnite so you can spend time in creative mode as possible for you to earn more XP, for every 15 minutes spent you will get a creative mode reward which is currently 25,200XP ad you can win this 5 times in a day and reset daily punch card and spend 15 minutes in the creative mode field, you can use this glitch 3-4 item but you will collect a lot of XP.

2. Tick Off Those Character Punch Cards And Rewards:-

Unlike the old days when a new set of challenges were handed to you each week now, there is a new punch card for the different characters as now chapter is ending so there is a boost of XP in-game and you can finish a punch card by 5 quests, initially completing a punch card earned you 80,000 XP  it is recently increased 150,000 so it means now it is possible to get 2,500,000 XP just by ticking all the entries.

3. Play with Friend And Use Party Quest:-

When you team up with the player in any team formation (duo, trios, or squad) you don’t only pool together you also get some XP by playing with your friend by playing with your friends you will clear some quests which will give you some XP, so these are some things from where you can get XP in Fortnite in 2021.

How To Get XP Fast In Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3

If you want to collect XP faster in Fortnite chapter 2 season 3, don’t worry, we are having a list of things that you can do to increase your XP faster.

So you have to focus on the following things:-

1. Placements:-

Placement is the same as survival time, for the top 20, you will get 25XP. For the top 10, you will get XP 100 XP. For runner up, you will get 200 XP and for 1st you will get 300 XP. It means that placement is so important in a match if you want to earn XP.

2. Elimination:-

You will also get XP after killing a player in-game. So if you are an aggressive and high-skill player who looks for kills then this is for you, But unfortunately, we only get XP for the first seven kills in the game so the rest will not add to your game level.

3. Weekly challenges:-

There are so many challenges in this season so you can enjoy so much XP only from the weekly challenges, you can get 50,000XP in one week just only by completing your weekly mission.

How to get XP In Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7

The Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 Battle Pass so everyone wants now to get all BP cosmetics so loopers are trying to find glitches to help their audience by which they can get more XP.

  1. Gliding:- As we all know there is a quest in which you get in the mission in which you have to glide a specific distance between battle bus starts, so to complete this you have to make a high ramp and jump from there gliding, you will get 12,000XP for this.

2. Swimming:- Like gliding, there is also a mission of swimming and this is the easiest way to get XP in the game, so you have to swim in the water before starting the battle bus. For this, you will get 12000XP from this quest, and amazingly you can also do this in a team royale match also.

3. Completing rare and legendary quests:- Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 has over 70 rare quests, Each quest has five stages and the legendary quest can give you up to 32,500XP by completing 1st mission of quest of a legendary class.

How To Get Free XP In Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 is near its end, but something unexpected happened in the quests of the game,  some players got 225,000 XP for free. Even to get XP in the game this season was so easy, Fortnite had called the end of season 8 with a live event called “The End”. This is also the end of the chapter as chapter 3 will start FROM 4 December so this is the end of the chapter battle pass will become unavailable on 3 December, that’s why Fortnite is giving 225,000XP for free to any looper who logs in before December 5.

So if you do all the tricks and quests given by us you can achieve 100 levels in one day. Enjoy your game and the new chapter: chapter 3.

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