Where to find a pizza party item in Fortnite? | Chapter 3 S1
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Where to find a pizza party item in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1

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Unlike most of the food, you’ll discover in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1, the pizza party item is debatably the best available.

What is Pizza Party Item Update?

fortnite added pizza, we’re gonna be finding out where you can find it? what it does and also was if you give crombo pizza.

There are a few ways you can get the new pizza item one of them is guaranteed, you’re just gonna need some gold and a little bit of know-how that I’ll be sharing in this article as well.

I’m excited to find it in fortnite pizza items can be found within chess as floor loot and even in supply drops we’ve actually got a lot of chance of finding it simply by looting up this isn’t the new item I’m looking for, but I will definitely take it to thank you very much within the trailer for the new pizza item.

We actually got to look at an unreleased skin fortnite sometimes do this by showing a skin that’s not actually in the game yet, and I’ve got some more information on it including another skin.

I will get pizza from this chest you must have done you guys did it I don’t believe that actually happened a purple rarity pizza pit item. I’m sorry cake your old news buddy I am here to serve up fresh pizza who wants some free pizza wait dude it plays it for a second can you throw the pizza can you cannot eat anymore take a slice.

I’m gonna take that slice out of the pizza so you can throw the box on the floor and have a literal pizza party with you and your friends can we stack two.

How many slices got eight slices inside of it geez Louise i can’t have all of these pizza slices going to waste on look i’m going to become the pizza king oh my okay this is perfect because I can go ahead oh it doesn’t let you go above 50 shields.

I forgot that okay guy i’m gonna have to re-uh re-armor up here because i didn’t think i’d get into a fight this soon I’m gonna actually i wouldn’t be the most unhappy person in the world if i did take some damage because i actually need it if i want to go ahead and use whoa where have you running buddy where are you running buddy where you trying to hide eh Howie see you later okay we have dropped below 50 shield which means i should be able to use one of these beautiful pizza slices to heal up.

This item actually comes in the form of a standard pizza box and can be opened to eat each slice inside for you to have full health and shield. As this addition is certainly a hot commodity, the main locations to find them in are fairly unique and are actually themed after the item itself.

Fortnite: Where to find Pizza Party item and what it does

In spite of the fact that the pizza party item can be found in chests, supply drops, and even on the ground throughout the map, there are seemingly a few places that are guaranteed to have these boxes. For one, players can purchase the item from Tomato Head at Tilted Tower’s Pizza Pit shop — located across the street from the POI’s clock tower. This is likely the easiest method, but it will come at the cost of 50 gold bars. In total, the NPC will only have four boxes of these to give players each game, so you’ll need to act fast.


However, the pizza party item is also guaranteed to spawn at a birthday party that is held in Rocky Reels. For those unfamiliar with it, the party’s room is located on the second floor of Rocky Reels’ northernmost building (as marked below). In this room, the pizza box will be on the ground, right next to the windows that face the rest of the location.

Where to find a pizza party item in Fortnite

Keep in mind, Week 8’s challenges also include the task of picking up two slices from a pizza box; so, expect an additional 25,000 XP upon restoring your health. If you are simply on the hunt for more XP, the week also brings quests that will ask players to travel using a Klombo’s blowhole and even dance for Llana at a vending machine.

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