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Originally released in July 2017, the game comes in two versions: Fortnite: Save the World (previously known as just Fortnite, which you have to pay for), and the free Fortnite: Battle Royale – the most popular one that more than 40m people have downloaded.

It does, however, contain in-game purchases to buy outfits, weapons and other helpful items.

The aim of Fornite is to stay alive, playing as an individual or as part of a team with people across the globe to ward off hordes of enemy monsters, build forts and defend the island’s survivors.

Each game lasts around 20 minutes, providing you don’t get killed.

The game’s new Playground mode is being taken offline on 12 July to allow developers Epic to add a host of new features, including aim assist, team selection and traps which affect teammates and enemies

How Big Is It?

It’s huge. Epic Games has been quiet about the total number of players, but we know that as of January “Fortnite” had around 45 million active players across all platforms and that number is only going to go up, especially with the recent release of the game on Nintendo’s popular Switch console.

And that still doesn’t even account for the many people who tune in just to watch others play on streaming sites like Twitch and YouTube. There’s something distinctly watchable about this battle royale; its art style, mechanics and fanbase provide endless entertainment, and even celebrities like Drake are getting in on the action.

If “Fortnite” is mostly free, does that mean it’s going to run out of money?

Not anytime soon, that’s for sure. “Fortnite” gets a large chunk of its revenue from microtransactions (small purchases to buy in-game currency) — it’s making over $300 million a month at this point.

Microtransactions are in-game purchases that cost real money in exchange for in-game currency, which can be used to buy various items and skins (slang for how a player looks in the game).

Even if a decent portion of players are only chipping in $10 or $20 for some V-Bucks (the game’s currency), that adds up to a lot of money when you consider the player base of the game.

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