10+ Tips for Dominating the Fortnite Battle Royale Arena

10 Tips for Dominating the Fortnite Battle Royale Arena

Tips for Dominating the Fortnite
Written by Dhoom Strikas

Fortnite started off as a Co-Op vs AI game with a free battle royale mode attached to it. But it didn’t take long for the battle royale mode to become far more popular than the main Fortnite mode. Fast forward to today and Fortnite Battle Royale is one of the most popular games out there.

Fortnite Battle Royale throws 100 players onto an island and forces them to fight to the death. Until there is only one man or team, left standing. Winning a match of Fortnite can be difficult. So we have prepared these 10 tips to help you dominate the Battle Royale arena and achieve that coveted Victory Royale! 

Tips for Dominating the Fortnite Battle Royale Arena

Optimize Your Item Bar

Surviving in Fornite depends on finding powerful weapons and items. But a messy inventory can be a massive hindrance in the heat of battle. This is why you should optimize your item bar in the settings menu. You can assign certain items to specific item slots. So when you them they will automatically go to that space in your item bar. 

Watch this video for how to optimize your item bar.

Activate Noise Indicators

The noise indicator setting is one of the most useful settings in all of Fortnite. Yet most people don’t know about it. When active the game will give you a visual representation of where noises are coming from. This includes other players’ footsteps, gunshots, and treasure chests. This will give you a huge tactical advantage. 

Train With Friends

One of the best ways of improving your Fortnite skills is to practice in private matches with your friends. You can fill the island with AI players, which aren’t very good, and then spend time improving your skills. We recommend using hacks and cheats during training to allow you to better focus on improving your skills. Plus you will have more fun playing Fortnite with these cheats enabled.

Learn How To Build

The building is a huge part of Fortnite. And in combat building is essential to your survival. You can create a cover or use it to get up higher than your opponent. You might get annoyed at all those expert builders who can instantly create massive towers. But they are the ones who likely win most of their matches. So if you want to dominate at Fortnite, you need to improve your building skills.

Don’t Wear An Obvious Skin

Fortnite has hundreds of fantastic skins for you to choose from. And each year hundreds more are released. You can play as everything from your favorite Star Wars character to a super spy.

Don’t Wear An Obvious Skin

But if you want to avoid being sniped as often, you might consider wearing a skin that doesn’t stand out too much. Bright colors or flashing lights are an invitation to have sniped.

Always Stock Up On Building Materials

As we said before, one of the best ways to dominate Fortnite is to build. But building requires building materials. And if you run out during a battle you are going to be at a significant disadvantage. So you should be harvesting resources with your pickaxe whenever you can really. 

Weapon Variety

To really dominate in Fortnite you need to make sure you always carry a variety of weapons. You need a weapon suited to long-range engagements, such as an assault rifle or a sniper. You need a short-range weapon, like a pistol or shotgun. And you need some auxiliary items like grades or a rocket launcher. This will ensure you are ready for any fight that comes your way.

Watch Your Shields

In Fortnite you have a health bar and a shield bar. When your health bar depletes you will die. Your shield bar protects your health bar. So it is vital that you keep your shield up as often as you can. When you are at 100% shields you can block one headshot without dying. So it is important to always keep a few shield-boosting items on your person. 

Big shield potions are always preferable to smaller ones as you can find small ones nearly everywhere. The smaller potions only refill your shield to 50%. After that, you need to use a big potion or Slurp-cans. Slurp barrels can also be found around the island. Standing near these and breaking them will restore some of your shields.

Skirt The Storm’s Edge

As a match of Fortnite progresses the storm will gradually close in around the island, creating smaller and smaller circles of safe space. This ensures players are forced together. Our advice to survive is to stick to the edge of the storm where possible. This will ensure you don’t get attacked from behind as you move through the map. 

Keep Quiet

As we said before, noise indicators are a powerful tactical tool. But your enemies also have access to it. So being loud as you move around the map puts you at risk of being ambushed. Unless you are in desperate need of running away from the storm, try to sneak around the various locations on the map. This will give you the upper hand on your opponents. 

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