#5 Best Fashion Show Map Codes in Fortnite 2023 [Updated]

10+ Best Fashion Show Map Codes in Fortnite – 2023 Updated

Fashion Show Map Codes in Fortnite
Written by Dhoom Strikas

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Fortnite’s Creative mode allows players to build and explore custom maps, and one popular type of map is the fashion show map. These maps are designed specifically for players to showcase their character’s outfits and to participate in fashion contests.

With the many skins available that are available in Fortnite, it’s difficult to resist the urge to show them off. With the help of Creative mode, players can show off their talents in a fierce manner and compete with other players online.

These shows let you utilize props, such as props, as well as Emotes, to wow judges, and perhaps even win an entire fashion contest.

If you’re looking for the best fashion show map codes in Fortnite, you’re in the right place! Here are our top picks:

While the above maps are our top picks, there are many other great fashion show maps available in Fortnite’s Creative mode. Some of the most popular fashion show maps among players include:

  • “Fashion Show Island” by creator “JHINNOVATION” (map code: 6297-1471-3952)
  • “Fashion Show World” by creator “KASHKAM” (map code: 9555-5951-9151)
  • “Fashion Show City” by creator “GATTUZO” (map code: 1085-4397-3329)
  • “Fashion Show Paradise” by creator “MEGANOVA” (map code: 4203-1460-5496)
  • “Fashion Show Mansion” by creator “GATTUZO” (map code: 0473-7276-3586)
  • “Fashion Show Plaza” by creator “PHOENIX” (map code: 1642-6480-4141)
  • “Fashion Show Island 2.0” by creator “JHINN

Best Fashion Show Map Codes in Fortnite

However, only a tiny number of maps have these benefits. These are five Fashion Show map codes we think are worth the time.

Creative Fashion Show!

Best Fashion Show Map Codes
  • Creator: Uselessgamerkate
  • Code: 0167-3797-1925

Uselessgamerkate’s Creative Fashion Show! is as good as it sounds and is one of the most effective map codes.

In contrast to other platforms, it permits participants to utilize everything from the build, props, Emotes, and Gliders, all while trying to win the approval of judges. It’s even more impressive that it lets up to 16 players compete on an extensive runway that is surrounded by bright lights and water.

Fortnite Fashion Show

Best Fashion Show Map Codes
  • Creator: bunni_
  • Code: 5344-3264-7834

Fortnite Fashion Show allows up 10 players to take part by playing a round-based contest.

Every round will feature two-player matches, and spectators are allowed to decide who wins.

Although the runways aren’t overly intricate, Fortnite Fashion Show separates itself from the other Fashion Shows by letting you play with any of the dozens of weapons that you can show off while you play.

If that’s not enough to entice you winners of each tournament also receive a bonus of 5,000 XP.

Red Rex’s Fortnite Fashion Show

Best Fashion Show Map Codes
  • Creator: Rexyy
  • Code: 4232-3354-0291

The Red Rex’s Fortnite Fashion Show is more of a hangout place instead of a fashion show however, that doesn’t mean players can’t hold thrilling events.

The map is comprised of two floors and is comprised of a stunningly vibrant runway, as well as a couple of additional rooms for the competitors to find useful props.

It’s also one of the few that allow all contestants to vote for their favorite model. So, if you’re looking for the idea of a fashion show that doesn’t have any specific rules or format then this could be the perfect map for you.

Ultimate Fashion/Talent Show

Best Fashion Show Map Codes
  • Creator: greengamer2016
  • Code: 4741-6633-3879

If you’re looking for an online map that resembles the look of a set in the future, then you should look no further than Ultimate Fashion/Talent Show.

Apart from its standard road, the course has impressive judges’ tables that can accommodate up to four people and has bright bleaches for the spectators.

However, those who haven’t finished yet will not have to wait for their turn because they can play soccer on a nearby soccer field along with other runway athletes.

Zapow’s Fashion Show!

Best Fashion Show Map Codes
  • Creator: Zapow
  • Code: 8277-8564-7074

Zapow’s Fashion Show! isn’t the tournament format that many are familiar with however there are plenty of highlights there that you won’t see elsewhere.

One of them is that judges can change the color of lights that are scattered along the runway. there’s even a changing area for those looking to switch to a new skin during games.

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Best Fashion Show Map Codes in Fortnite 2023

  • “Fashion Show Island” by creator “JHINNOVATION” – This map features a large runway with multiple stages and a backstage area where players can get ready for their fashion show. The map also includes a VIP seating area and a judges’ table, making it perfect for hosting fashion contests. The map code is: 6297-1471-3952.
  • “Fashion Show World” by creator “KASHKAM” – This map is a fashion lover’s dream, with multiple stages, a backstage area, and a shopping mall where players can buy new outfits. The map also includes a variety of different environments, such as a beach, a city, and a forest, so players can show off their outfits in different settings. The map code is: 9555-5951-9151.
  • “Fashion Show City” by creator “GATTUZO” – This map is set in a bustling city, with a runway and backstage area located in the heart of the city. Players can choose to show off their outfits on the runway or in the city’s many different locations, such as a park, a rooftop, and a nightclub. The map code is: 1085-4397-3329.
  • “Fashion Show Paradise” by creator “MEGANOVA” – This map takes players to a tropical paradise, with a runway located on a beautiful beach. The map also includes a shopping mall, a salon, and a spa, giving players plenty of options for getting ready for their fashion show. The map code is: 4203-1460-5496.
  • “Fashion Show Mansion” by creator “GATTUZO” – This luxurious map is set in a grand mansion, with a runway located in the mansion’s ballroom. Players can show off their outfits on the runway or in the mansion’s many different rooms, such as a library, a dining room, and a pool. The map code is: 0473-7276-3586.

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