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Where to Place Anti Tank Rounds in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2

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Where to place Anti Tank Rounds in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2: Welcome to a new post on www.fortnitememes.com, Amazing news for how to find out where you’ll need to place the Anti-Tank rounds in this weekly Fortnite Challenge!

Jones will ask you to place three Anti-Tank Rounds in or outside Sanctuary as the final Resistance quest for Week 4 of Fortnite Chapter 3 season 2. 

Where to Place Anti Tank Rounds in Fortnite?

He will also reveal some important plot points, but we’ll keep these shocking details to ourselves. Despite the fact that these rounds are small, it can sometimes be difficult to locate their exact locations. This is where you need to be to complete this week’s questline.

These Anti-Tank Rounds can be placed in a few locations. We recommend that you go to the west of the location because Sanctuary is often crowded with players. As an example, the Anti-Tank Round 1 should be placed beside the hut at the southwest corner (as shown below).

You’ll then need to go west towards the summit of the mountain, where you should place the second round. The last round should be placed further north next to a shed which is located between two fishing ponds.

Where to Place Anti Tank Rounds in Fortnite

You can find holograms that will mark the exact spots of where you need to place the rounds if you have trouble. Jones will give you 23,000 XP after all three rounds are completed. Resistance’s Week 5 challenges will be available to players on Tuesday, April 19, at 9 AM ET.

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