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What is a body scanner in Fortnite | Step onto a Body Scanner Location

What is a body scanner in Fortnite
Written by Dhoom Strikas

What is a body scanner in Fortnite | Step onto a Body Scanner Location 2021: Fortnite always comes up with some fascinating seasons that don’t fail to amaze us and its legendary quest challenges have always been the talk of the town.

So, this time season 7 has already made an impact on every Fortnite player with it’s new alien invasion theme and It is booming all over the world.

Week 1 of legendary quests is over now and it’s time for week 2. Week 2 legendary quest challenges are named Body Scanner that will give you a chance to boost your XP. And to complete this challenge you have to find locations of the Body scanner and step into the body scanner in Fortnite.

As this challenge is new, many of you don’t know how to complete it. So just to help you, through this article, I will guide you to complete this challenge and boost your XP.

What is a body scanner in Fortnite?

As I mentioned earlier, the body scanner in Fortnite is another amazing  legendary quest challenge of week 2 in season 7( Alien Invasion).

Here, body scanners in Fortnite are devices that will scan the player when they will pass through them. These body scanners are located on different locations in Fortinite Island and players should step on them to complete the quest and as a reward boost up their XP and to level-up faster.

What does a body scanner look like in Fortnite?

Well to know what a body scanner looks like in Fortnite. Take a look at the following images that I have mentioned below.

Now, you know how it looks but that doesn’t mean just stepping over it you can complete the challenge.

The most challenging part is to find them across the map. There are in total 7 spots where these body scanners are located and tied with the new IO Bases. But the tricky part is that they are not easily noticeable when you get inside those IO bases, where you’ll also face IO guards and IO tech weapons.

After getting through all these things then you’ll complete this legendary challenge and gain upto 2400 XP that will up your level.

Where is the body scanner in Fortnite?

Most players are really confused about the locations of Body scanners. Because the Map in Fortnite is expanded from all directions.

Step into body scanner fortnite

So, to save your time below I have mentioned the image of the locations where you’ll likely to find the body scanners. And alongside mentioned the list of those locations just to give you understandable info.

  • 1 Body scanner: In the center of Craggy Cliffs and Steamy Stacks
  • 2 Body scanner: located at the east of Corny Complex
  • 3 Body scanner: located at the north of Pleasant Park
  • 4 Body Scanner: located at the east of Weeping Woods
  • 5 Body Scanner: located at west of Believer Beach
  • 6 Body Scanner: located at southeast of Misty Meadows
  • 7 Body Scanner: located at the southwest of Slurpy Swamp

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