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What do bars do in fortnite
Written by Dhoom Strikas

Hey folks out there, if you are curious to know what do bars do in Fortnite. Then let me walk you through the entire scenario of bars in Fortnite and what exactly are those bars. 

Here in this article, I have covered everything about these bars, plus you’ll also get to know about their location and how you can use them in order to purchase exciting in-game times and all. 

So, let’s get started.

Well, back in season 5 Fortnite came up with the interesting in-game currency called Fortnite gold bars that can be used to purchase in-game items, hiring services from NPCs around the map and used to upgrade weapons. 

One of the best deals is that whatever amount of gold that you earn in one match is going to be with you and you can use them in future matches too. 

But here the question arises, from where you can get these Fortnite gold bars and how you can spend gold bars in Fortnite. 

Scroll down to know about the locations of gold bars 


Well, players often obtained Fortnite gold bars from a plethora of sources, from bounties to players elimination, loots and drops from the chest. 

Here is the list of all possible ways you can find Fortnite Gold bars.

  • By completing a quest for Fortnite bounties from the boards found around the island. 
  • By completing the quest that NPCs(Friendly Non-Player Character) offer you. 
  • By searching supplies or dealing a specific amount of damage to structure.
  • By opening a chest that may contain a certain number of gold bars. 

So, after finding the gold bars the real question arises that how you can spend gold bars in Fortnite. 

Well, I have covered that too, just scroll down and you’ll get the answer. 


So, after you have collect bars Fortnite allows you to use them by just saying hi to the various Fortnite characters you can find across the map. Sounds easy right! 

Well yes, it is, once you have collected the Fortnite gold bars then all you need to do is visit one of those NCPs again from where you have collected the gold bars and interact with them while scrolling through their spending options. 

This includes exotic, legendary and Epic weapons, along with weapon upgrades, Prop Disguise, Animal bones and Parts for crafting. And guess what you can hire an NPC in exchange for 100 gold bars and make it as your companion that will fight for you. 

Here’s one thing I like to mention that above you have read about completing a quest for Fortnite bounty. But do you know what Fortnite bounty is and how to complete them? 

Well if you don’t, then allow me to introduce you. 

What are bounties and how to complete them

Bounties were introduced in Fortnite season 5 that suits the theme of Fortnite season 5 which was bounty hunters. 

In Fortnite bounties are the specific players that you have to hunt down and eliminate in six minutes in order to collect some gold bars. 

So, if you want to take in a bounty then firstly you need to find NPCs on the Fortnite map.

Once you’ve found an NPC, start a conversation with them and they’ll offer you a number of services, one of which may be a bounty and alongside you can check how many gold bars you’ll get on after the completion of a bounty. 

So, that’s how you can get a bounty. 

And now let’s talk about the procedure you can follow in order to complete the bounties. 

To successfully complete the Fortnite bounty, as I told you first you need to locate and eliminate your bounty target within six minutes. 

Both your minimap and the main Fortnite map will help you in locating your bounty target by showing a yellow circle. 

Then, your target will be located within the circle and that’s how you can keep an eye on it. 

After finding your target location if you managed to eliminate it then you’ll be rewarded with a number of gold bars. 

Remember there are 40 NPC around the Island, so if you are lucky enough to get a bounty in no time then well and good but if not then you have to locate each NPC and find out the bounty. 

Wanna know the locations of NPCs? Just scroll down. And you can also check out How To Tame A Boar Fortnite.

NPC and bounty board locations

Below are the locations, where you’ll likely find NPCs. 

  • Razor Crest
  • Northwest of Holly Hedges
  • Catty Corner
  • Durr Burger food truck
  • Hunter’s Haven
  • Dirty Docks
  • Shipwreck Cove
  • Misty Meadows
  • Pizza Pit
  • Camp Cod
  • Hydro 16
  • Craggy Cliffs
  • Flushed factory
  • Crashed Cargo
  • Steamy Stacks
  • Sweaty Sands
  • Fort Crumpet
  • The Orchard
  • Steel Farm east of ColiseumUnremarkable shack
  • Pristine Point
  • Hilltop House
  • Slurpy Swamp
  • Weeping Woods
  • North of Retail Row
  • Viking ship
  • Salty Towers
  • Pleasant Park
  • Lazy Lake
  • Lazy Lake island

Sometimes people often seek the answer of where can I upgrade weapons in fortnite? 

So, if you have asked yourself too then I have the answer. 

Now, you can upgrade your weapons by interacting with NPCs and their locations I have already given. 

Each NPC will have the same price for weapon upgrades, which are as follows:

  • Common to uncommon: 50 gold bars
  • Uncommon to rare: 150 gold bars
  • Rare to Epic: 250 gold bars
  • Epic to legendary: 350 gold bars. 

So, this concludes about What do bars do in fortnite and I hoped that you found this information useful, and in case you want more information about Fortnite updates then feel free to comment below I’ll love to answer your comments.

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