How to Collect Pumpkins in Fortnite Creative?▷50 Pumpkins

How to Collect Pumpkins in Fortnite Creative Matches?

How to Collect Pumpkins in Fortnite Creative
Written by Dhoom Strikas

Hello everyone. On Tuesday, Epic Games launched the Fortnite v11.10 update, which included the Fortnite Mares 2019 event and new Fortnite Raz challenges. Therefore, we have brought you up with this topic to let you know briefly about this new feature update and help you to collect pumpkins in Fortnite.

There are regular updates to the item shop with new pumpkin images and Halloween pumpkins. The all-new challenges for Battle Royale and the creative curse challenge for the creative game mode are waiting in this update. This update includes a new challenge named “Creative Pumpkin Hunt” where you need to collect pumpkins in Fortnite.  We will tell you more about how to get pumpkins in Fortnite creative and unlock the castle.

So now let us jump into the topic but first let us know more about Creative pumpkin Hunt which will make it easier to understand this new challenge. Then we will know where the pumpkins are. The entire location guide is given in this article, which you will find nowhere.

About Fortnite Creative Pumpkin Hunt

In Fortnite Creative maps, a special Pumpkin Hunt challenge is now available. The players must locate the eight pumpkins that have been scattered around the map and collect pumpkins in Fortnite for the first time. The pumpkin has no specific location because it is found in a Fortnite unique game mode.

However, we have provided a complete guide path, which will make it easier to locate them. This is all you need to know to complete the Pumpkin search task in Fortnite Mares. We have given info that is more detailed on the locations of these eight pumpkins below in the article.

Fortnite Creative Code for Pumpkin Hunt

You may use Creative to create Fortnite games and experiences that can be published and shared with friends online. Remake Fortnite in your style, with your own set of rules on your island. By entering an island code or visiting the featured hub in-game, you may also play a variety of community-created games with your friends and mates.

This way, you can share your code with them and their code to you to enjoy the different modes of the game every time. In the new update, you will see new Fortnite Halloween skins. Collect pumpkins in Fortnite to unlock the castle. Let us know how to launch the Fortnite Creative mode.

How to use this Fortnite creative code

To use the Fortnite creative mode, navigate to the creative game mode, click on start a server, and start playing. You will then be at the creative hub. Continue straight up the stairs, and when you reach a highlighted creative, change the destination and enter the island code “0414-9665-0019.” Now, wait for the creative island to load before proceeding further. Collect pumpkins in any creative matches 2021.

Here is a systematic guide for the same:

  • Open Fortnite, go to the game selection menu, and pick ‘Creative.’ To access this menu, click ‘Change.’
  • Press Play, then choose ‘Island Code’ and enter.
  • On this screen, enter the code and hit Launch to begin the game.

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Fortnite Pumpkin Coins Locations

To finish the Pumpkin Hunt challenge, you must discover eight very special pumpkins placed throughout the whole city. First, collect pumpkins in Fortnite then you can enter the castle and explore it. We have found and collected pumpkins from the island named “Find the Pumpkin”

Here is the location of all the eight pumpkins:

First Pumpkin

  • From the spawn, go to the courtyard’s right exit and climb over the fence where you will find a scary well.
  • Run along the cave to the first floating pumpkin on the left after jumping down it.

Second Pumpkin

  • Now continue into the cave, smashing through any cobwebs in your path, and up the twisting stairway.
  • Jump over the barrels adjacent to the scarecrow and bookshelf on the top level of the building. You will find the next pumpkin laying behind them.

Third Pumpkin

  • First, return to the center.
  • Spin around and enter through the metal gate on the southern side.
  • Climb up the steps and turn right through a second gate to enter a tiny graveyard.
  • Break through the lone smooth cement-covered coffin.
  • Take the castle key from the coffin. Return down the steps and take a right down some more steps, then take your first right down a corridor where you will see some ghosts in the air.
  • Use the key on the prison along the right wall to access the third pumpkin.

Fourth Pumpkin

  • Continue deeper into the tunnels until you discover a stairway on the left that leads out and immediately into a spooky church-like structure. It will have a glowing green circle in the center.
  • Now walk through the open door.
  • Climb to the top of the stairs, leap through the hole in the wall onto the roof.
  • Collect the pumpkin laying on the box on the edge.

Fifth Pumpkin

  • Climb from the roof and go south to the one stone pillar with a light.
  • This pumpkin is just behind the roof.

Sixth Pumpkin

  • For the sixth pumpkin, go east, until you reach a pumpkin patch.
  • Climb high enough to retrieve this pumpkin; you will need to platform from a box here onto a series of wooden poles to climb, as there are no stairs and direct access to this location. This one is hidden with care.

Seventh Pumpkin

  • Return to the center and proceed forward.
  • The pumpkin is right around the corner on taking a left by all of the portals and into the little hallway. 

Eighth Pumpkin

  • This last pumpkin is located to the right of the gates leading to the map area.
  • It is not hidden in any way, just located opposite to the previous one.

After collecting all the eight pumpkins, your task will be completed, and you will get entry to the Cursed Castle. Now you can explore this castle.

How to collect pumpkins in fortnite?

Pumpkin coins can be found on each of the creative-themed islands. To finish this creative curse task of collecting pumpkins in Fortnite as soon as possible, it is preferable to take it with a friend or two and switch on party assist. We discovered the islands to be useful for finding and collecting Fortnite pumpkin coins named “Find the Pumpkin”. 

One of the inventive curse tasks demands players to gather 15 pumpkin coins on any of the highlighted islands. Those of you who do not like to be creative or just do not know where to look for the pumpkin coins.

We have put up a guide in this article to assist you in finding and collecting the pumpkin coins on the highlighted islands.

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