5 Best Tips For Beginner Level Fortnite Players In 2022

5 Tips For Beginner Level Fortnite Players!

Written by Dhoom Strikas

5 Tips For Beginner Level Fortnite Players!: Weekly objectives are making a triumphant comeback in Fortnite, replacing questlines.  Each season, it is tweaked to keep it fresh.

Epic Games replaced weekly tasks with questlines in Chapter Two Season Eight. As weekly missions, you may go directly into the Battle Royale island and accomplish them as you wish, whenever you choose, in whatever sequence you please. Three, six, and ten Season Quests must be completed in order to get the XP bonus.

After this, you’ll move on to the next tier, which will need you to complete during the Season.

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Week One

You can begin the first week by completing eleven missions. You have until the end of the Season to complete all of these missions, but you should do them as soon as possible because they will begin to pile up.
⦁ Find the device
⦁ Open a vault with a friend.
⦁ While Sliding, damage an opponent; this also works on enemies like the shark in Loot Lake.
⦁ Get in a vehicle and drive through two fire rings.
⦁ At Landmarks Land, look for chests or ammo boxes, then finish in the top 25.
⦁ Eliminate enemies with an SMG or a Sniper Rifle.
⦁ Look for places with location names.
⦁ The Launchpad is where you’ll get your next mission. In a single match, eliminate all signal jammers.
⦁ At Mighty Monument, you’ll get your next mission. Surveillance Cameras should be placed in a single match.
⦁ The Joneses is where you’ll get your next mission. In a single match, drop-down supplies.

Week Two

The first week of Chapter Three has already flown by, which means it’s time to get started on some new weekly challenges and earn enough XP to advance to the next Battle Pass page. Let’s take a look at the different types of quests that were published this week.
⦁ With the MK-Seven Assault Rifle, you can inflict damage from a distance of 50 metres or more.
⦁ At Sleepy Sound or Loot Lake, you may catch fish.
⦁ Travel 50 metres in one swing with Spider-Web Man’s Shooters.
⦁ Characters sell stuff to you.
⦁ While sliding, use a Med-Mist.
⦁ Survive Storm Circles when wielding an Epic (purple) or higher rarity weapon.
⦁ Organize your belongings in a tent.

Week Three

The third week of Chapter Three Season One has begun, and it’s time to see what new difficulties have been introduced this week. For the third week of the season, there are seven new objectives to perform, and none of them are particularly challenging.
⦁ Start searching for 5 coolers.
⦁ For 25 metres, slide constantly.
⦁ Bounce on Spider-Bouncers Man’s five times without touching the ground.
⦁ Guaco, Bunker Jonesy, and Cuddle Team Leader are the people to talk to.
⦁ Collect goods from a tent that have been stashed.
⦁ At Rocky Reels or Condo Canyon, you can inflict damage on your opponents.
⦁ In a single match, visit each of the Seven Outposts.

Week Four

A new year is approaching, and to cap it off, there are some new weekly tasks to complete as we head into 2022. It’s the fourth week of Chapter Three Season, and there are six new objectives to do that will provide you with plenty of XP to help you progress through the Battle Pass.
⦁ With a pistol, do headshot damage.
⦁ The Joneses, Shifty Shafts, and Logjam Lumberyard are all good places to get wood.
⦁ Detonate a gas can to inflict damage on opponents or player-built constructions.
⦁ Chonker’s Speedway, Rocky Reels, and Greasy Grove all have dance floors.
⦁ Use Rare (Blue) or greater Shotguns to inflict damage on your foes.
⦁ For 15 seconds, experience Guzzle Juice’s effects.
⦁ For five seconds, hide in the tall grass.

Week Five

As we enter the fifth week of Chapter Three Season One, the first weekly challenges of 2022 have already been released. This week will undoubtedly be thrilling, as there will be a contest on Saturday in which the top-placed players will be eligible to win free Cobra Kai-themed sprays. There are seven new challenges to complete. Thankfully, none of them are overly difficult.
⦁ At Coney Crossroads, Sleepy Sound, and Condo Canyon, construct structures.
⦁ Take possession of an abandoned tent.
⦁ Drive a car through a puddle.
⦁ Chop down Timber Pines
⦁ Using a Shield Keg, you can gain shields.
⦁ Using a watercraft or motorboat missiles, destroy buildings.
⦁ Using rifts, you can travel between the Seven Outposts.

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