8 Fortnite Skins That Will Become Extremely Rare in 2022

8 Fortnite Skins That Will Become Extremely Rare in 2022

Written by Dhoom Strikas

8 Fortnite skins that will become extremely rare in 2022 (& 2 that’ll lose their rare status): Welcome to a new post on fortnitememes.com

It is no surprise that certain skins in Fortnite have become rarities. They haven’t been seen in the Item Shop for a long time, and as such, anyone who owns them automatically earns bragging rights.

Surprisingly, some free skins that could be availed of for a limited time are now considered rare as they’ll never return to the Item Shop.

Here are eight Fortnite skins that are set to become extremely rare in 2022, and two that will eventually lose their rare status.

Fortnite skins that will become extremely rare in 2022

1) Special Forces

The Special Forces skin from Chapter 1 is already a very rare outfit and it is unlikely to return to the Item Shop in 2022. Only OGs in the community own it and they (rightfully) never miss an opportunity to flex their experience.

Special Forces was last seen in the Item Shop over a thousand days ago.

Fortnite Skins Special Forces

2) Black Widow

Surprisingly, not many players are aware of the Black Widow skin that arrived in Chapter 1 Season 8. It was released in April 2019 and was last seen in the Item Shop in May 2019.

Naturally, players who have the Black Widow outfit deserve to be called OGs. It is safe to assume that the crossover skin will never return to the shop again, making it one of the rarest cosmetics ever.

Black Widow

3) Infiltrator

The Infiltrator skin may be generic, but has managed to achieve rarity status due to its extended absence from the Item Shop. The outfit was originally released in 2017 and was last up for grabs in 2019.

The Infiltrator skin cannot compete with more recent outfits in Fortnite in terms of design but its rarity sets it apart.


4) Vector

Vector has appeared in the Item Shop only thrice, with the last instance being in 2019. This explains why it has gradually become one of the rarest skins in the game.

The Vector skin is not just rare but also sleek and unique. It matches up well with a ton of back blings and pickaxes. Players should not expect it to return in 2022.


5) Sledge

Fortnite released a new style for Sledge in 2020, but the OG skin was only available in the Item Shop twice. Since September 2019, many players have been eagerly awaiting its return.

However, it seems like Sledge won’t be a part of the Item Shop for a long time now.


6) Munitions Major

Munitions Major is just another Agent Jonesy skin, which, surprisingly, is the reason it is so rare. It has appeared in the shop on several occasions, but players hardly ever paid much attention to it.

As of this writing, the Munitions Major hasn’t been available in Fortnite for over 800 days, and is certainly earning a reputation of being a rare cosmetic.

Munitions Major

7) Black Knight

While the other skins mentioned in this list could still arrive in the Item Shop some day, a Battle Pass skin such as Black Knight will never be back.

How did a Battle Pass skin become so rare? Primarily because the community didn’t have any sort of XP glitches to gain millions of XP in seconds, and daily/weekly challenges were the only ways to level up the Battle Pass.

Black Knight could be unlocked at Tier 70 of the Season 2 Battle Pass, and only a handful of players were skilled enough to reach that level.

Black Knight

8) Double Helix

Double Helix is another skin that will never return to Fortnite. What makes this skin unique is its price. Interestingly enough, Double Helix was a free reward with the limited-edition Nintendo Switch Fortnite bundle.

As such, Double Helix is technically the most expensive cosmetic ever. It will never be available in the Item Shop, and its rarity will increase significantly in 2022 as well.

Double Helix

Fortnite skins that’ll lose their rarity status

1) Renegade Raider

The OG Renegade Raider will always remain a rare skin in Fortnite but the abundance of edit styles and other variants (like Skeletara) in the Item Shop has harmed the OG skin’s rarity status.

In Chapter 3 Season 1, it is common to see players donning the Skeletara outfit and pretending to be Renegade Raiders. As such, the skin isn’t as valuable as it once was.

Renegade Raider

2) Skull Trooper

The original Skull Trooper skin is still one of the rarest skins in Fortnite, but Epic Games somehow ended up reducing its allure by releasing too many variants and edit styles.

Many Skull Trooper owners consider their skin to be rare, when in reality, they bought it from the Item Shop no sooner than 2020, or even 2021. Unfortunately, it is one of the only skins from Chapter 1 Season 1 that still returns to the Item Shop.

Skull Trooper

If Epic Games brings it back in Chapter 3 too, Skull Trooper won’t remain a rare outfit in 2022.

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