How to play Close Encounters mode in Fortnite Chapter 3 S1

How to Play Close Encounters Mode in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1

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Alongside the release of the 19.20 patch within Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1, Close Encounters mode has been added once again to the battle royale.

The limited-time offering is an intriguing mix of Fortnite’s standard 100-player match lobbies but places a bigger emphasis on close-range fighting. Here’s where you can find it.

Although it is a battle royale-focused mode, Close Encounters is actually located in the Creative Mode section. Players in Creative’s home screen can then tap pull up the Discover page to find the new mode in the “By Epic” category next to Solo mode.

How to Play Close Encounters Mode in Fortnite

Currently, Close Encounters is primarily for squads of four players, but it does lend a “Don’t Fill” option if you desire to rock with a smaller group of players.

How to Play Close Encounters Mode in Fortnite
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Compared to others, the mode’s rule set limits players from finding and using anything other than shotguns, grenades, jetpacks, and most health items.

Players will also notice that there will be two storms to avoid in the mode: the basic storm that comes in from the coast and another that slowly drops from the sky.

As a result, those near the end of matches will be unable to be on hills or mountains without taking damage.

Those looking for additional XP may find Close Encounters to be fairly gracious, as players can finish each of its own challenges for thousands of XP in return. As shown below, there are just four of them, in total, each expiring on February 19.

Eliminate two player’s opponents within 30 seconds of each other.12,000 XP
Get an elimination with 10 or fewer players remaining.14,000 XP
Deal damage to opponents from above.10,000 XP
Finish all three challenges18,000 XP

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