10+ Secrets Best Landing Spots In Fortnite Chapter 3

10+ Best Landing Spots In Fortnite Chapter 3

Best Landing Spots In Fortnite
Written by Dhoom Strikas

A new chapter has arrived in Fortnite, Chapter 3 Season 1 has come with an all-new era. Here we are having the best landing spots for you all as a new map is now live for you all.

Chapter 3 Season 1 is now live with new characters, a new battle pass, and tonnes of fresh in-game. You all must be thinking about what is new in the game so don’t worry we are having all updates which are coming in-game.

Best Landing Spots In Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1

#10 Mountain Base Bunker

Fortnite Secret Bunker is opened in later Chapter 2 Season 8. But it was not as cool as everyone was expecting, it didn’t contain any powerful weapons or artefacts but then also it is so much good to visit as it is an IO facility built into a mountain.

It does not have much loot according to its size but then also it is not so bad, you can get much loot inside that but generally, they are not rare weapons. yes, you can say that this is the Best Landing Spots In Fortnite.

Landing Spots In Fortnite

Unlike shown in the trailer of upcoming events, it is so big but in the trailer, it was shown as a small bunker. This is a place which you should visit once in the New Chapter of Fortnite

#9 The Convergence

The convergence in Fortnite is also known as Cube Town and is the only location that is expanding, as cubes of convergence cubes are multiplying, and some links growth of cubes will be in 18 stages in the vertical direction and will become a pyramid which will take height from between of spot. Seeing the speed of multiplying we can state that it will result in a new POI.

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#8 Vaults

Opposed to oast season when a player has to eliminate the leader of the hideout, snag their keycard and use it to open the vault, Epic Games has put some restrictions on vault this season as now they are only allowed to open vault by a player they cant open it alone, don’t worry we are giving you all the vaults where vault are placed

. North of Daily Budget

. East of the Sanctuary

. Southwest of Greasy Groove

. North of Camp Cuddle

. North of Logjam Lumberyard

#7 Pontoons Boat

This was listed in Chapter 2 but it had come with a different turning page in Chapter 3 it is totally re-orientated so basically loot is increased in this area.

As winters are coming to the western part of this spot is now covered by snow and the eastern frontier is laden with blooming flowers and is total green, overall the nature of this spot is amazing and you can say it is one of the most beautiful spots of Fortnite now.

Best landing spots in Fortnite means pontoons boat, trust me!

#6 The Sideway Zone

There are two ways to access the sideways and all its goodies in Fortnite. The first is to find the Subway Zone-it is POI that has been taken by a Giant Sideway Dome which is clearly marked on your map in purple so you can drive thereafter the Battle bus will pass from there.

There is amazing news for you the location of the Sideway zone keep changing in every match but it will act on the map on every match so be aware of the zone is in the Storm, if you will go there you will get many benefits as well as it has a great loot including miniguns and sideway rifles.

#5 Believer Beach

Believer Beach was first added in-game in Chapter 2 Season 7 by replacing a place the same as this beach named Sweaty Sand.

Believer Beach is located in B3, B4, C3, C4 grid in the north of Holly Hedge which is the best landing spot in-game but unfortunately now in chapter 3 its loot contains is reducing as Epic Games is trying to remove it.

#4 Dinky Dish

As we all know there are six radar dishes on Fortnite Island which players can sabotage to get the legendary quest in-game, in which you have to select two dishes and you have to connect their satellite but Dinky dish is the only one whose power cannot be cut and it can easily be spotted as it scatters red bright light in skies around the map.

#3 Misty Meadows

Misty Meadows is situated in the southern part of the map of Fortnite. It is close to Lake Lazy which is the best drop zone for the pro player. It is like a European town with 14 to 15 houses with an old-fashioned clock tower in between which is on the bank of a lazy lake.

#2 Sleathy Stronghold

If you want to visit Stealthy Stronghold in Fortnite then you can land near Pleasant park which is a hot zone with the best loot and fewer players so this is a place which you should visit if you want good loot its way is behind the burnt portal in sideways of Peasant Park.

#1 Sanctuary

You can find it directly from Foundation stone and as it is a sanctuary it is easily recognizable. There is only 1 building on this whole spot which is so cool it is like an open field jungle with a lot of loot. If you want to open the vault of Sanctuary you have to go underground stairs there you will find the loot.

Best landing spots in Fortnite Arena

We have not arranged this list by ascending to descending order of spots. We are having the top 10 landing spots which you all should try as they are so cool and amazing and which can make your gaming experience better.

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