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Latest Fortnite Update v17.10 Is Out Now!!!

Written by Dhoom Strikas

The latest Fortnite the name indicates, is the new update of Fortnite in which, We will learn How to update Fortnite. The data miners convert the encoded data of ‘Pak’ files into readable form, and surprisingly it had The information of valuable articles that are found hidden. The owner of those is not known.

This is related to Holy Hatchery The File. There are having different traps and wealth Related to POI And presented the details so that anybody can be impressed to know the new fortnite Update And what else the player wants.

After many hugger-mugger, the Fortnite Updates gives a complete package with new modifications which anybody can observe. Actually, in Fortnite Update, Holly Hedges, after many dilemmas, ultimately Made the journey to Holly Hatchery. Enough to say that POI is Rocking.

What Is In Fortnite Season 7

Fortnite Alien Parasite
Fortnite Season 7 Super Level Bonus Rewards

So, the wait is over and the main features of fortnite season 7 are here available on my blog, below you can see the major things coming in Fortnite Season 7

1) The holly hatchery

The new season of Fortnite is leaked now, after all, boring POI, in the new fortnite update  The holly hatchery is live and looks very different,

In short, 

The purple alien POI is standing out in all-over locations amidst. The aliens have made a distinctive bio cube all over the center of the garden to imitate their own atmosphere. 

This will spread to, rest of the Holy Hatchery in the whole week.

2) About Low gravity 

Further, the alien reorganizing itself, seems a building is caged in a low gravity bio cube. Although there is something more to it.  

As the famous fortnite leaker fire monkey, the sphere of pressure will expand as the alien invasion increases.

When players get in the low gravity area the laws of physics come to an end. Jumping height is increased and fall losses are invalidated, And the player feels as if he is just floating in that low gravity region.  

3) About Alien Nanites 

The widely gossiped alien Nanites have ultimately been incorporated into this new fortnite update. As the HYPEX suggests, players can find them on the mothership and kidnapping UFOs.

Nanites can be used to renew or change weapons to more upgraded, resulting in more sturdy variants of IO and alien weapons.

Although all these on the basis of the leak being released it seems the nanites are presently facing issues related to generating.

Until this bug is fixed, players might have some difficulties in obtaining them in-game.

Ray Gun Is Also Here

A new NPC boss appeared in the fortnite update with season 7. Alien intrusion that drops a mythic weapon upon defeat ZyG and Choppy are the aliens wandering in fixed locations on the map, and they fight as 10tech guards.

The mythic weapon which Zyg leaves is the Kymeta Ray Gun, which helps in constant damage to players on a solid path.

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