Where to Cross Behemoth Bridge in Fortnite Chapter 3 S2

Where to Cross Behemoth Bridge in Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 2

Where to Cross Behemoth Bridge in Fortnite Chapter 3
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One of the new Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2 quests requires you to cross the Behemoth Bridge location in a vehicle, and here’s how you can find it on the map.

There are two ways to get to the Behemoth Bridge in Fortnite. The first is to drive to it. You can get there from anywhere on the map. However, to get to the Behemoth, you must drive over a bridge. The second way is to drive to the bridge on foot. You can use a vehicle or walk there, but you must do it in the correct order.

Where is Behemoth Bridge in Fortnite?

The Behemoth Bridge is located southwest of Shifty Shafts, just south of the Fortress. This location is unmarked on the map, and players will need to find it on their own. In Season 2, the bridge is located between The Fortress and Shifty Shafts. The Fortress is also near the Behemoth Bridge, but you’ll need to get there in a car.

Behemoth Bridge location in fortnite

To get to the Behemoth Bridge, players must jack a vehicle near a nearby location, drive to the bridge, and cross it. This is part of the Week 2 Resistance Quest. The Behemoth is a hot zone. If you get killed here, you’ll have to reload and start over. In addition, there’s a chance to pick up weapons that can damage vehicles.

Where to Cross Behemoth Bridge in Fortnite Chapter 3

Another way to reach Behemoth Bridge in Fortnite is to take a ride on a vehicle. The Behemoth Bridge is a long red bridge that spans a river. To get to it, you’ll need to head south of Shifty Shafts and north of Coney Crossroads. This location is also part of the Behemoth Bridge challenge, and you’ll need to lead the Resistance to victory to complete it.

The Behemoth Bridge is a Landmark in Fortnite. It’s a red bridge with multiple stairs going up the support towers. It’s a great place to get some kills. Taking down the Behemoth will earn you more XP and unlock new challenges. If you’re looking to get this, make sure to complete it before you die. It’s a good way to earn more XP in Fortnite.

Getting to Behemoth Bridge is a part of the Week 2 Resistance Quest in Fortnite. This is a huge bridge, but the location is not marked on the map. The Behemoth is a big bridge, and you’ll need to drive across it in a vehicle to get to the other side. You’ll have to drive a vehicle to get to the other side of the bridge. You’ll also need a vehicle if you want to complete the Challenge.

If you’re looking to complete the Resistance Quest in Fortnite, the Behemoth Bridge is an important part of the map. It’s a good place to take your vehicle to complete the quest. Once you’ve finished the quest, you’ll receive an XP boost and complete the Resistance Quest. If you’re in the process of doing the Resistant Quest, you’ll need a car.

How to cross “behemoth bridge” in a vehicle

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