What Does the Zero Point Fish Do in Fortnite?

What Does the Zero Point Fish Do in Fortnite?

What Does the Zero Point Fish Do in Fortnite?
Written by Dhoom Strikas

If you’re wondering what the zero point fish does in Fortnite, read on to find out! This fish has a variety of useful properties, including Health, Ability to throw, Healing, Location, and more.

You’ll find out how to catch one using a normal fishing rod or a Pro Fishing Rod. Catching them shouldn’t take long, and they’re worth 196 Gold! You can sell them to Bigfoot to earn a lot of Gold.

What Does the Zero Point Fish Do in Fortnite?
What Does the Zero Point Fish Do in Fortnite?


The Zero Point Fish is a rare item that gives you health. They can be found in Fishing Spots and calm water areas. Zero Point Fishes can be stacked up to two high, and they can heal 15 HP every time you use them.

You can use them at half-HP or full health, but you should avoid using them when you’re already below full HP. You can also throw them by holding down the Aim button. You can also throw Stink Floppers using your projectile arc.

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Ability to throw

The Zero Point Fish is a new fish that can be caught in Fortnite. When you hold the aim button while firing it, you can see where the projectile will go. Once it lands, it will ping your squadmates. The fish is rare but not impossible to catch.

There are five types of Zero Point Fish in Fortnite. The ability to throw them will help you score more points, but it is important to make sure you can control your aim.


There are some great ways to heal your players in Fortnite. One way is by eating the Healing of the Zero Point Fish. Eating this fish can restore up to 15 health, and it will also grant you teleportation for 20 seconds.

A similar item is the zero point crystal. You may have to use both of these items to heal yourself and others. But one item is better than the other. The Healing of the Zero Point Fish is by far the best way to replenish health and avoid dying from a lack of it.


A great way to earn a special item in Fortnite is to find the Zero Point Fish. You can find them in coolers all over the island, including near sun loungers and umbrellas. They can also be found near coastal areas, such as the beach.

The good thing about this item is that it can be caught anytime. You don’t need to catch it every time you want to use it – just try it a couple of times to get the best chance of catching one.

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Epic Quests require players to catch 10 of them

In Fortnite, the game’s weekly challenges are designed to help players level up their battle passes and earn XP. Most of these challenges are aquatic in theme, and players are usually tasked with island exploration, but the new Legendary quest is a little bit confusing. There are two ways to earn XP by completing Epic quests, and you’ll have to do both.

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