What are the best Fortnite skins?

Deadpool Skin

When he was introduced as a challenge reward in Chapter 2 Season 2, players went crazy for it.

Lexa Skin

Lexa has become the most popular. She’s regularly referred to as the ‘anime girl’ of the franchise thanks to her unique cel-shaded anime-style design, pink hair, and wide-eyed look.

Spider-Man Skin

Tom Holland’s Peter Parker from the Marvel Cinematic Universe was also released in the Item Shop just weeks later, giving players multiple options to become an iconic superheroes.

Marshmello Skin

Popular DJ Marshmello forever when they put on a concert hosted by the music icon. 10 million players tuned in, and he even got his own skin complete with unlockable cosmetics.

Renegade Raider

Okay, so the design might not be anything special, but what makes Renegade Raider a standout is the fact that it was only ever available as a Battle Pass reward in Chapter 1 Season 1.

Demogorgon Skin

The Demogorgon is one of those skins that you wouldn’t expect to translate well to the game, but in reality, it looks incredible.