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Written by Dhoom Strikas

Game companies’ attention is shifting towards the cloud to enable more interactive and fluid gameplay for their users, nowadays users are also shifting to cloud gaming as it did not work on client local server it works on a remote server so it didn’t occupy space on the user device.

 So here we are having the best cloud gaming website for you all. Cloud Gaming is a complementary company of famous gaming firm bluestacks, has launched mobile cloud after pc cloud to expand the gaming reach in the context of cloud gaming. is a California based cloud gaming company that has launched a mobile cloud platform for the gaming firms which is known as [ PAAS] platform-as-a-service is allowing gaming firms to publish their game directly to the cloud server of Earlier companies were unable to catch this opportunity as to access cloud was all upon the user

As users were shifting to cloud gaming, all gaming firms were trying to publish their games directly to the cloud server. As result, we can see already 5 companies had signed with , and the companies are:- Plarium, Nexon, Perfect world, Scopely, Smileget and many others we will find in future

Today many users with low-end phones who are dreaming to play good games fail to fulfill their dreams as their phones did not support high-end games, so for them, I am having a piece of wonderful news, they can play high-end games in certified by them

The best thing about cloud gaming I think is that no additional storage is required to play games which allows many low-end devices users to play games and also allows gamers with cheap phones to enjoy games that they want to play. And I can say among all cloud gaming platforms is best will also increase the power of the gaming community as it will also make the approach of new billion of users to games as using the cloud will not be a burden on low-end device user.

How was started:- was started around 2017, to start a cloud was not a big issue for the as it was sharing ownership with two big gaming firms [biggest AI-powered mobile esport company], and on other hand it was also a sister company of Bluestack[ big gaming firm of pc and mac games]

The core team of was from Bluestack as they know better cloud platform so other gaming firms started to request to make a cloud mobile gaming platform which was requiring a tech sharp mindset, which was the main code of

So after preparing a cloud gaming for mobile their server took a boom in the gaming community and no doubt now was the best cloud gaming platform of the entire gaming community and after that, they never looked back. Now you all must be thinking to understand cloud platforms in deep, that how you can play a game without actually downloading it?

But don’t worry, I am here with answers to all your doubts.

What is Cloud Gaming :-

As you all know our website is best known for defining complicated things in simple terms, Basically a cloud is like a storeroom in which you put your used stuff so there are two types of rooms[gaming cloud] one you have to pay rent and in second it’s free.

So the room for which you are paying rent you can take some stuff back from it but on the other hand, a room which is free you can not take your stuff back.

House in which rooms are built is your device, things kept in the storeroom will not come outside of it so your home is clean.

Now if we will take this technically if you will play the game on cloud gaming without subscribing it or buying it you can’t play from where you left but on the other hand, if you buy the game it will provide you space [room] on his server only to save your campaign in-game and you can continue from where you had left.

According to me, this is the worst thing on cloud platforms, if you want to stream games you can go free but if you want to make a campaign in-game you have to buy that game which is something costly for you. But here also is better than others if you will buy a game in it will charge less to you as compared to buying games on any other cloud gaming platform because gaming firms publish their games directly to which means low buying cost for users.

How many games did supports:-

Now you must think that which games we can play on the cloud platform of . Don’t worry we are having a list of all the game developer firms which have signed with some famous games out of those are Robo Fight, Among us, Minecraft, Roblox, Gacha life, Awakin life, etc.

These all are the world-famous games which you can play on and there are many more games which you can play on

How to play fortnite in

Now here many players should have heard of the game Fortnite but they didn’t get a fortune to play it so for those who want to play Fortnite we are having exciting news for you all now gg also has Fortnite in it. To play it you have to complete some easy steps.

  • 1st you have to login in with you email
  • 2nd you have to assure that you are not a robot
  • 3rd assure your recovery data
  • 4th choose play free for stream or buy game for campaign
  • By 4 easy step now you can play fortnite in you device

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Other advantages of

There are other benefits of also by its help ou can pc games in your mobile-only, many of us wish to play exciting pc games but we are unable to play pc games because of the unavailability of the personal computer but now I am also having the solution of this problem, now you can play pc games on you mobile with help of cloud platform of That’s, why is the best cloud platform of the gaming community

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