How To Get The Foundation Skin EARLY (Fortnite Chapter 3)

How To Get The Foundation Skin EARLY (Fortnite Chapter 3)

How to Get THE FOUNDATION Skin in Fortnite!
Written by Dhoom Strikas

Today we’re gonna be testing can you turn into the foundation with mystique, because the foundation skin is it seems to be even bigger than normal Fortnite skin.

So, um what we’re going to need to absolutely do okay there’s a century person over there um we can get all of this stuff that we absolutely need but the foundation is extremely overpowered so my question is whenever I see him.

if I eliminate him will I be able to shapeshift into the foundation okay first things first if you guys do not know the foundation is right at this location and I saw him walking down this path because you can literally hear his voice with his robotic tone okay listen to this boss music.

How to get The Foundation skin in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1

We are approaching the foundation we are probably right next to him and he will just mess you up in a second okay first thing we gotta do is find the man himself the foundation look at all of these guns.

oh my god okay all right this is good we have a lot of items to be able to eliminate the foundation right now.

How to Get THE FOUNDATION Skin in Fortnite

I’m doing this so you guys don’t have to hope you guys appreciate it maybe if I can get like okay all right this is good we have some shields for the foundation because if you’ve never found him you’ve never fought him.

if you don’t know he’s one of the most overpowered bosses of all time now let’s go and find Mr foundation there is the foundation and should we test it on the scientists first I think we should can we disguise oh goodbye to the scientists and there he goes eliminated the scientist and now let’s use my ability if we can disguise as a scientist which we can this means that we are most likely able to shapeshift into the foundation as well but we do not know yet all right.

where did this man go I am very okay all right we’re gonna have to try to do this and goodbye all right we gotta be very very careful right now no no no no no no no no okay so as you can tell he is a very very overpowered boss it’s actually quite unbelievable.

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So what I’m gonna do is let’s go back up here we injured him a little bit oh no no no no no no oh my gosh you are the crazy foundation you are crazy okay um this article might be a little bit harder than I thought it would be which is very unfortunate.

How to Get THE FOUNDATION Skin in Fortnite – Video Tutorils

I think he’s gonna come up out of nowhere and just eliminate me but guys we’re doing this for scientists we’re doing this for science, not the scientists we’re doing it for the content all right here we go attempts to where is he dude where is he bro come on buddy nope nope nope no rock for you don’t do it dude yo this is crazy absolute craziest boss of all time.

no oh my gosh, this is an unbelievable fight, okay his armor is halfway done maybe if I can just no no no no no no don’t throw that rock dude this is a crazy fight and this is literally a bot in Fortnite come on come on alright shields are almost done shields are almost done I’m as good as dead sheesh all right and the shields are gone come on come on.

We’re almost there no okay one more life and then we’re gonna be able to shapeshift and see if it works alright ladies and gentlemen we have all these amazing items the moment of truth the foundation is right over there and say goodbye come on he’s about to get eliminated he’s literally we’re about to find out.

if we could literally be the first person on the internet on youtube to get the unreleased foundation skin and goodbye three two one let’s see if we have the foundation skin and we have this mythic item this is amazing the article is proven true this was crazy.

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