Fortpop Or - Is Legit or 100% Scam?

Is Fortpop Or Is Legit Or A Scam?

Written by Dhoom Strikas

Is Fortpop Or Is Legit Or A Scam? You all must be aware of the Enron Scam of 2001 in which they did an accounting fraud of $78 billion and wiped out that in the stock market which lead to the collapse of authority who was controlling that, the scam was of $7.185 billion for which former president of USA is serving 24- year sentence to jail.

I can’t take the name of the president but it was the biggest scam of all time in which people think that anything which is happening will help them in making their economy stronger but the only objective of the Company and President was to make a profit with that, and now we came to know that it was a scam.

You all must be thinking why am I telling you all this? you all should be thinking that I am a lunatic as to why I am talking about scams in gaming content, wait I will tell you about a scam that is happening with you all.

You all must know sites like Fortpop and which are famous for giving giveaways of rare skins to players only by downloading apps that they recommend.

You all know that a specific skin of anything comes in store for only some days after which it goes and another skin comes which also remains in store for some days and removes after some specific days then how these FAKE SITES can generate code of some famous skin like Reaper every time?

They will give you code every time you ask, no matter whether Epic Games has released some codes or not, it feels like Epic Games is not developing Fortnite, Fortpop is one who is the owner of this game :).

You all must be thinking that we are misleading you all but wait we are having some reason which will prove that every famous thing is not good, same in case Fortpop is famous but it is not just more than fake.

What Is Fortpop?

Every Fortnight player who dreams to get good things free of cost knows who Fortpop is, But for those who don’t know what Fortpop is, “Fortpop is the most popular website to get free Fortnite Skin” according to Fortpop, what a joke.


Basically, Fortpop give free skin codes after passing human verification but if we will think this practically if Epic Game is not releasing code of skin and that skin is not in store then how can anyone give code to anybody, Main aim of Fortpop is to promote apps which are sponsoring them, to pass human verification you have to download an app which they promote.

So their main aim is to promote that app only and if you say that they give codes then unfortunately I have to say those codes are also wrong.

Fortnite players generally say that the best sites which make giveaways of skins are Fortpop and, I have heard this so much time then I want to solve this misunderstanding of you all, these both sites are the same their owner is the same and their codes are same old fake codes, both are different names but these both are the same website.

How Do These Works?

This website gives you information that which skins are coming in-game which is so good but it was till this website didn’t start to give fake codes, this website gives fake codes in the name of welfare, these websites are not made to do the welfare of any player, these websites make money from apps to promote them and apps give money in return as these sites are famous.

As you all know they ask you for human verification and in the human verification, they ask you to download apps that they support, so indirectly they have nothing to do with codes they are only seeing for business.

The codes which they give are all fake, so this is the way they work.

How To Generator Free Fortnite Skins From Fortpop

After telling you all that this website is fake, you all must be thinking then why am I telling you the procedure to trigger their codes?

I am telling you all procedures so you also can see how their business work and second it’s my work to tell you what you people ask So to get their codes you have to go to or search Fortpop on your web. To get code you have to go to this website and click on the get free skin there you have to write your username and fulfill their requirements.

If your luck is so good maybe a miracle will happen and you will get the skin that you want. Generator

 As I had told you all before there is a misunderstanding between players of Fortnite that Fortpop and are different but all are the same so you can simply go to the website of Fortpop and mention your username there and they will give you a code, but the reality is don’t believe them you can try the code which they give is always fake, if you don’t believe us, you can try but I know what will be the result.

In the end, I will say don’t believe in anything blindly I am not saying that believe us, you can waste your time getting Skins from Fortpop, the time which you will spend in Fortpop can be utilized in improving your gaming skill.

So I will say that stop wasting your time on free giveaways make you pro so that companies will sponsor you and then Epic Games will give you all skin to project it to simple players, so make you that successful that fake companies will approach you to sponsor them and in end, I can say that Fortpop is a total Fake site which didn’t give anything to anyone.

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