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With millions of players playing Fortnite every single day, it is possible for things to get out of hand. If you’re wondering whether you are experiencing issues with your Fortnite server being down this moment The answer is yes.

Everything was in order No maintenance was scheduled. But at 9 am CT the game began to show some issues and servers and matching went out of commission.

Fortnite servers down

Players are confronted by players are greeted with a “You don’t have access to Fortnite” warning message whenever they attempt to sign in to Fortnite. The cause appears to be a glitch when it is unable to read the privileges of your account profile.

Are Fortnite servers down right now?

So the authentication server can’t discern whether you are granted “permission” for playing Fortnite therefore it is unable to accurately sign you in.

In a post posted on Fortnite Status’ Fortnite Status Twitter account, which is the official Fortnite Status Twitter account, Epic Games is aware of the problem. It typically does not take Epic Games long to resolve the issue that is causing this in Fortnite and we’re expecting Fortnite to be back functioning in a short time.

This guide will be updated when the issue is fixed. You can also check out the Fortnite Status Twitter page for future updates regarding the issue.

On this page on Twitter, Epic Games regularly share information about what the servers of the game and other components are doing, give more details about what’s being done to correct the problem as well as other things.

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