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How to Destroy Hiding Places for Season 7 Challenge

How to Destroy Hiding Places
Written by Dhoom Strikas

How to Destroy Hiding Places for Season 7 Challenge?………

Hi… Friends the latest blockbuster quest for week 4 is before you.

To bring a new array of confrontations, 

How to tackle in exchange for XP. Actually, the developers want you to go out in the open because the request requires players to destroy hiding places.

And because Fortnite chapter 7 has now reached the fourth week and many quests are yet to be done. There are 12 new battles to the game.

So you have to be very careful this season. In the seventh season, the battle in the very first month has now been written.

The new season has introduced a series of very advanced and tactical wars with highly mechanized and contemporary alien armaments.

As expected the inverse of Season 6’s primitive theme.

Moreover, a short time ago developer Epic Games launched the abductors, which offer access to the giant floating mothership, as well as an obtrusive alien leech, which increases the movement.

How To Destroy Hiding Places For Season 7

The challenge this week in Fortnite is not to hide in one or other places but to destroy them. Destroying various places rather than Hiding behind trees and all will be worth a lot.

There are various places a player can hide but to complete the challenge it is better to destroy hiding places specifically. These are the points a player can distract during a match offering them to hide completely themselves versus veiling them.

And the structures like porta-potties, dumpster and hay bales must be destroyed during a match so that nobody could use them.

And for this, you have to first proceed towards the Hiding point and then hit it frequently with your pickaxe until it is near the dead end. The Hiding place then vanishes and this will count as the challenge progression.

Repeat the same for three different Hiding spots to get all possible and will be rather easy to get, especially if you are near a farm location. The most suitable POI to fall in for this quest is Pleasant Park according to some leading personnel.

As demonstrated by Fortnite Events, players would like to land behind the gas station in the middle of the eastern edge of the location.

If you usually camp in these Hiding locations, beware this week in particular because most players trying to get their challenges done as soon as they can and will be actively destroying these spots.

Alternate Location To Destroy Hiding Places In Fortnite

The pleasant park is going to be a popular landing spot, and according to the quest released yet, there is tough competition to destroy the same Hiding Places.

Thank God there is another and even more efficacious spot to finish the Fortnite quest. You can also land at the base camp on the mountain in the South West of Catty Corner.

One of the small structures having a threesome portacabin in the right can be destroyed in a couple of seconds.

Though the raid is exceptionally restricted in the adjacent area, means landing even no more than a seconds after someone else spells almost certain doom.


And the players who control to finish this quest will be rewarded with 30,000 XP.

And the players who have already completed the standard Fortnite quest can have the option to handle the pro 100 LTM, required to complete dome latest cosmic summer quests.

Online Battle Royale game Fortnite has already been on with one another season, and this time the aliens have come to intrude on the map. The challenge every week is partially correlated 

to the continuous space theme happening this season.

What the players have to do is to earn more and more XP to destroy hiding spots around the map. And the best places to find them are what you have to look for.

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