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Best 10+ Prop Hunt Fortnite Codes List 2022

Prop Hunt Fortnite Codes
Written by Dhoom Strikas

Prop hunt is a type of map made by creators only, the first map which gets massive success in Prop Hunt mode was Hide and Seek Despite its success, many creators started to make Prop Hunt maps so we are having some of the best maps for you.

Prop Hunt Fortnite Codes List

Fortnite Prop HuntCodes
Battle pass9565-6442-7019
Laser tag5717-9259-0171
Tidal wave8312-0054-3731
City park4760-0262-7171
Prop Heist0227-7562-4411
Yacht club8102-6553-6379
Phone prop hunt0722-9799-3791
Modern mall1679-1165-5282
Western world3541-6722-7262

How To Use Fortnite Creative Codes

You can play all creative modes by entering their code in the creative field where there are so many portals so you can play a game by simply putting code in the drop island menu if you will put these codes in those portals you can play these props also.

#10 Prop Heist:-

CODE:- 0227-7562-4411

This map is for people who like heists. You can simply make a team as solo, duo, trio, or squad. In this map, there is a scene of a Bank in which you have to find the jewels and then bring them in a truck, The team with more booty will be declared as the winner. So if you just want to relax you can try this prop.

#9 Yacht Club:-


This prop was first introduced in Chapter 2 Season 2, In this prop, there is a scene of a ship in which there are some ghosts so here you will play with ghosts, not players. If you want to play something adventurous then I will highly recommend this prop map to you.

#8 Phone Prop:-


This map allows the hiders to choose an app on the app which they can hide from the hunters, you can go and find out the app of other players also.

#7 Simpson Krusty Burger:-


So on this map, there is the view of the Krusty Burger Show which is the same as the shop depicted in the show so basically, you will enjoy this map if you are a Simson’s show fan.

#6 Indoor Water Park:-


If you are not looking for an adventures experience, but to enjoy with your friends then this is the best map for you all so basically on this map you can enjoy it with your friends as in this you get a big pool in between with dozen of slides surrounding the pool and surprisingly game also provide you a dressing room where you can dress up for water party. 

#5 Toy Story:-


If you are a fan of toy stories then this prop is for you. In this prop, you get a surround of toy story and the story baseline is the same as a movie in which you are a toy with a hat.

#4 Airport Prop Map:-

CODE:- 7349-8617-4418

IN this prop you are in an airport surrounding and there you have to play hide and seek, so this is going to be so much enjoying for you if you will play this with your friends then for sure you will enjoy this so much 

#3 Star War Prop Map:-


This is for the fans of Star Wars, if you want to play hide and seek in the surrounding of star wars then this is the map that is for you, you can simply play hide and seek in the space by just putting that code in your island drop menu.

#2 Easter Prop Hunt Map:-


So if you like the bunny show then this prop is for you, you will become a bunny in this story and then you have to collect easter eggs and have to deposit all eggs in a place given so if you will play this you will enjoy it a lot.

#1 Western World:-

In this map, you will get the surroundings of the western world like big mountains, large plains, and congested lanes. In the recent year, this is the most played prop hunt map, which I will highly recommend to you and this was our list of top 10 prop maps

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